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Sunday, 31 July 2011 11:08


Also a fully comprehensive health plan offering primary, secondary and tertiary level healthcare benefits with additional medical benefits without restrictions to choice hospital. 

The following are the benefit package under our Omega plan:


Out Patient treatmentü
Admissions / In Patient careü
Accidents and Emergenciesü
Radiological Investigationsü
Laboratory Investigationsü
Minor Surgeries & Proceduresü
Intermediate Surgeries & Procedures e.g. Removal of lumps, Hernioraphy, appendectomy, entopic pregnancy, e.t.cü
Major Surgeries & Procedures e.g. Endocrine, Thoracic, Abdominal, O & G Surgeries, e.t.cü
Advanced and complex investigations (CT Scan, MRI Scan)ü
Prescribed Medicationsü
Routine Immunizations(NPI Schedule)ü
Additional Immunization for 0-5 years (Hepatitis B, MMR, Pneumococal)ü
Antenatal care + Delivery (Normal/Assisted/Caesarean Section)ü
Eye test and care excluding provision of spectacles and surgeriesü
Eye Glasses ( cost limit)ü
Primary and Secondary Dental careü
Intensive Care Servicesü
Cancer careü
HIV/AIDS careü
Preventive Healthcare, Counselingü
Health Promotion Talksü
Emergency life saving procedures.ü
CONDITIONS COVERED ON CASE MANAGEMENT BASIS. We operate an open enrollment for all potential clients/enrollees. Although there are no general exclusions for our health plans, treatment can be covered for the under listed conditions on a case management basis. Once the diagnosis is made, the beneficiary or employer is notified and option of treatment and cost are provided.  Chronic Renal Dialysis.  Complex surgery.  Gynecology investigations and treatment for infertility.  Screening and comprehensive health assessment.  Artificial limbs and dental prosthesis.  Mental illness in excess of 21 days.  False teeth and dentures.
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